Applying Development Theories

   STEP 1: Think of a specific memory from your childhood. Briefly describe the event or experience. STEP 2: Analyze the experience using three developmental theories: psychodynamic, psychosocial, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, or evolutionary. Use appropriate vocabulary for each theory. Add supporting evidence from your text. Describe how each theory provides you with a new understanding […]


  The effective nurse educator employs a variety of formative and summative techniques during curriculum implementation to monitor student learning. A well-developed lesson plan employs both formative and summative assessments. A nurse educator should plan to use data from these assessments to guide instruction.

Religion Analysis

Select 1 alternative religion (e.g., Church of Scientology, Transcendental Meditation, Wicca, Druidry) and 1 traditional Western religion (e.g., Judaism, Christianity, Islam) to research and compare in this assignment. The assignment is broken up into two parts. Part 1: Similarities and Differences List at least 2 similarities and 2 differences between the religions you selected. Some […]

Discussion Reply

Please reply to the discussion i attached. Pages: 1 (250 Words not including references) No plagiarism APA Format

Special Cases In Coaching

The purpose of the Case Assignment is to create a “Live Case” by experiencing the process of coaching.  Because this case is designed around experiential learning, we can go beyond the conceptual knowledge covered in the reading materials to actual skills building.  This requires putting what you are learning into immediate practice. In this fourth […]

Unit VI Discussion Board Question SP

Imagine a competitive business setting in which you are trying to get promoted. You find out that your direct competition for the promotion has been downgrading your work performance and commitment to the company to your supervisors. Within this context, identify the type of aggression (using Box 11.1 in your textbook) and potential motivation for […]

Special Cases In Coaching SLP 4

Share Your Leadership Growth Plan Background Now that you have created a plan it is time to share it with your supervisor, get some feedback, and ask for his or her help in putting it into action.  You may do this by setting up a meeting with your supervisor or mentor (if you have one) […]

Need By Monday

Requirements of the Assignment: Submission must be a minimum of 500 words (this excludes your name, class information, title page, references, etc.).  This 500 word minimum refers to your actual response to the prompt. Must fully address the prompt Submissions must not contain spelling errors, grammar errors, syntax errors, errors in concepts, etc.  In other […]

Coaching Specific Types Of Employees LED 514 Discussion

A lot of what we are learning in this module deals directly with coaching difficult people. As a coach, you need to know how to directly coach these types of people, and you need to know how to teach those you are coaching how to do the same. Please respond to the following: Tell us […]

Unit VI Scholarly Activity SP

Instructions in attachments labeled Unit VI Scholarly Activity