A rhetorical criticism on how social media has changed they way we view the world and each other. The effects social media has on the world now good and bad.

This project is divided into two 5 page sections. The parts that make up Essay 1 are below. The goal is to work through a process that will result in a polished final paper. This is the first 5 pages of the 10 page paper. 1)Project proposal: tell me what your text/artifact will be. Be very specific.a.Why do you choose this text? Why are you interested in this text?b.Why is this text worthy of a rhetorical criticism? 2)What is your hunch about this text? Take a stab at a thesis.a.Research your text. Provide at least three academic sources about your text or about what your text is doing. Provide context / provide historical and contextual analysis. 3)What method will you use? How will you study your text? a.What about or within your text will you be looking at and why

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