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SCS 100 Graphic Organizer Exemplar

View this graphic organizer exemplar on the hybrid and electric cars debate as a model of how to approach this activity.

Supporters of [insert
the selected issue here]

What group(s) in
American society does
the perspective appeal


What organizations
promote the

What are the biases in
the perspective?

Does the perspective
appeal to you? Why or

why not?

What objective
evidence is used to

support the

Electric vehicles People concerned
about climate
change/global warming,
pollution, and natural
resource exploitation
(oil and gas). These
people are usually of a
younger demographic
(under 40 years of age).

Organizations such as
the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA)
promote the use of
electric cars in order to
reduce emissions,
pollution, and the
extraction and use of
natural resources for
nonelectric vehicles.
The makers of electric
vehicles would also
likely promote the use
and sale of these

Biases of this
perspective would
include the assumption
that gas-powered
vehicles are the sole
cause of environmental
pollution and that
electric vehicles would
easily solve or reverse
global warming/climate

Electric vehicles are
most appealing to me
because I would
personally enjoy using
renewable power
rather than relying on a
nonrenewable resource
such as gas or oil.

Empirical evidence from
the U.N.’s
Panel on Climate
Change (IPCC)
concluded human-
induced climate change
is happening and the
effects are already

Maintaining gas-fueled
cars as primary means
of transportation

Car enthusiasts would
likely support
maintaining gas-fueled
cars because very few
high-performance cars
are electric; most are
fueled by gas.

Automotive lobbyists,
car manufacturers, and
oil producers would
promote maintaining
gas-fueled cars.

Automotive lobbyists,
car manufacturers, and
oil producers profit a
great deal from the
creation and sale of
gas-fueled cars as well
as the gas that is sold to
fuel them.

I have owned a gas-
fueled car my whole life
and it is expensive to
purchase gas for it, so
this approach appeals
least to me.

A study by Christopher
W. Tessum and
colleagues (2014)
reported a battery-
powered car recharged
with electricity
generated by coal-fired
power stations is likely
to cause more than
three times as many
deaths from pollution
as a conventional,
petrol-driven vehicle.

  • SCS 100 Graphic Organizer Exemplar
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