Business Report
Requirements and Evaluation
Criteria: Business Report Requirements BUS 300 2019 Each student will write a report based on their designated organization. The report may include the research and information provided to the class, but it should also add to that information, with detailed discussion of the impact that the organization’s activity has on specifically identified stakeholders and the impact that specific stakeholders have had (or potentially will have on the organization. The report should be 3-4 pages long PLUS a separate Works Cited (Endnotes) page, The paper should be in #12 font Times New Roman, 1 1/2 spaced. Please keep within the length limits. The Business Report is due on March 15, 2019 Paper Goals: 1) Students will learn about current issues in the business world and relate them to this course. 2) Students will identify business stakeholders and discuss the impacts that stakeholders and businesses have on one another. 3) Students will obtain and organize information from a variety of sources and explain them clearly in written form. Paper Requirements 1. Your paper should be based upon a review of at least six sources pertaining to your topic. The sources MUST be referenced throughout the paper and fully cited in the Works Cited page at the end of your paper. The citation should include the following if available: Author, article title, publication, volume and page number (where available) date published or last updated, and a link to any online source. and a link to any online source. There is no specific format/style required as long as the identifying information is included.
Please See MLA or APA guidelines for appropriate forms of citation. These can be found on the Rider Library website. At least two of your sources must be published on or after January 1, 2018. Online sources are preferred. Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for this assignment. Students are responsible for making sure that their sources are available to the instructor upon request. Make sure to save a copy of all sources in case the link becomes unavailable or the source is removed. 2. The business/industry you are discussing and the issue(s) you are focusing on must be made clear. Stakeholders must be identified and you must clearly discuss how the business’ actions impacted them and/or vice versa. Evaluation Criteria 1. Is the paper properly organized? Is it clear, focused, and well written? ARE SOURCES APPROPRIATELY REFERENCED THROUGHOUT? Is it free of spelling and grammatical errors? 2. Are at least 5 key stakeholders clearly identified, with a thoughtful, research-based discussion of stakeholder impact? Are appropriate internal and external stakeholders identified? 3. Is the paper based upon current, relevant, high quality research? 4. Does the paper appropriately utilize sources – discussing the important and relevant research-based information, avoiding unsupported opinion, unnecessary information, repetition, excessive use of one or two sources, and excessive quotations? 5. Does the paper comply with the format provided in the Sample Business Report? Is it in compliance with length, citation, and other requirements? Note: Sources must be referenced whenever facts or ideas from those sources are used in your paper, even if you are not directly quoting. Direct quotes must also include quotation marks. Changing a word or two within a paragraph does not relieve you of the responsibility of including quotation marks.

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