Describe what has led you to feel and/or believe that you possess these strengths and weaknesses. Has anyone stated or identified these?

OUR GOAL/ PROBLEM STATEMENT: A) How to make the most of your year(s) at Penn State.or B) How to Position yourself to get hired upon graduation. In this situation: For your personal case study, remember, YOU are the company and I have provided you with your problem situation: How to maximize and make use of the years you have left here at Penn State. For your SWOT analysis, you are required to: identify 4 strengths (internal and currently exist) identify 4 weaknesses (internal and exist) identify 4 opportunities (external and forward looking) identify 4 threats (external and forward looking) Please describe and explain why you have chosen your strengths (S) and weaknesses (W). Describe what has led you to feel and/or believe that you possess these strengths and weaknesses. Has anyone stated or identified these? if so what situations have led others to believe so. 1. Strengths – When you reflect on all of the work you have done, what are you good at? Why are you great at this? -Do you think you are better than your competition? Why? -Are there other things outside of this particular role, certain skills you have mastered that could help you with a new role? – List your experience. This tool is for you so list everything. I often meet students that leave out things they have completed and learned while on summer internships only to discover that they have experience with supervising, managing finances or developed ideas for that employer that helped improve the organization. – Others leave out volunteer work because it was unpaid. That is downright silly. I know people who have worked with some intense, not for profit organizations that could give any major corporation a run for its money; put it on the list. – Everything you have done is part of your story. The key is learning how to market that story to make things truly relevant. – What you currently posses–education, training classes, courses, certifications, awards, achievements, memberships. – Why do people like working with you? What makes you good at what you do? Are you a good listener, strong leader, dependable. Think about what makes you, you. What makes you unique? 2. Weakness – What do you struggle with? -Are their tasks that you dont perform well or areas you received criticism about? What do your past reviews say? – Do you lack experience, credentials or skills? What are they? Why is this a weakness? – Why do people get frustrated with you? What are the things you get in trouble for? – What do you struggle with? When do you struggle? Why do you struggle? Please describe and explain your opportunities(O) and threats (T) and why you are considering them as opportunities and threats.T hink about what opportunities exist here for you. Perhaps someone else has identified an opportunity for you. Please explain why and tell the reader (me) if you agree. Why or why not.. 3. Opportunities comes in different shapes and forms. Sometime opportunities pass by you without you even noticing them. When doing a personal SWOT analysis, remember, you need to think of yourself as the company or a product and asses yourself against others. This way it makes it easy for you to identify threats. So heres how to identify threats. 4. Threats – Is one of your peers doing a better job than you in a similar role ? – Are both of you fighting for the for an opportunity? – Is popularity of new technologies or demise of old technologies threatening your knowledge to be considered for a possible position? For example it is common for software engineers careers to become stale because they didnt spend the time to learn the latest technologies. – Will some of your personal traits hurt your time here at the university? – What are the obstacles that prevent your from achieving your targets? Could be at school or in your personal lives.

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