Dis 2 Part 2; 8412

This is a 4-item multiple choice assessment of this week’s Learning Objectives. All 4 items relate to information provided in this week’s required Learning Resources. Below is an example item.

The theoretical or conceptual framework of a study…

a.  …plays a key role in interpreting the results of the study.

b.  …determines the results of the study.

c.  …determines whether the study will use a quantitative or qualitative approach.

d.  …is merely an historical backdrop for the study.

To Prepare

·  Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on the purpose of and scholarly sources to include in a literature review. In addition, think about how theoretical and conceptual frameworks guide quantitative and qualitative research studies.

·  Review your results from Part B of the Pre-Course Assessments. Verify your understanding of each concept that was assessed. Also, if applicable, identify questions you answered incorrectly and think about how you should have answered instead and why.

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