ENG 315



TO: Donald Jones, CEO

FROM: Kevin Fauber

DATE: Current Date

SUBJECT: The main topic of your Routine Inquiry

Dear Mr. Jones:

A mutual friend of ours, Sarah Winters, suggested I contact you to find out more

information regarding software sales. My name is Kevin Fauber, and I am completing my

bachelor’s degree in business management and technology at the University of Virginia.

I have a natural affinity toward people and a strong knowledge of software

management principles that I would like to combine and put to use after graduation. I

know you have been in this field for a number of years, and I would like to ask you a few

questions to help my gauge my understanding, and needed skills to enter, this field.

1. What is the level of software engineering knowledge needed to be successful in
this field?

2. I understand you have your degree in Information Technology. Are there any
courses in that field you recommend I take to be successful?

3. I will graduate in May 2014. Would you be open to helping me find a position
within your organization after I graduate? Even if there are no positions, I would

be open to an internship to help me develop my skills in this area.

4. Are there any particular certifications you recommend I get in order to be more
marketable in this industry?

As someone who has been in this industry for nearly two decades, your knowledge, or

any advice you can give to me, will be valuable in helping me pursue this career choice.

I know you are a busy professional, and I certainly appreciate the time you have taken to

read this inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you and putting your

recommendations into action.


Kevin Fauber

(804) 555-1234

If you are sending this Routine Inquiry to

someone you know fairly well, you might

forgo this salutation. The salutation

makes the Memo a bit more formal.

These headers are all very standard and should be

included as you see here (of course, change the

names as appropriate). The Memorandum format

allows you to maintain a degree of formality

without being overly formal.

This complementary close gives the

Routine Inquiry a slightly more formal

tone. Not all Memorandum formats will

call for this. It all depends on your

audience and purpose.

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