In your own words, define DAP and its guidelines.

Part 1: Developmentally Appropriate Practice In chapter 2 you read about DAP, developmentally appropriate practice. During your educational journey, you will hear about DAP often. Early Childhood programs must use DAP in order to be effective. In your own words, define DAP and its guidelines. This can be written in a paragraph consisting of at least 10 sentences. Be mindful of your grammar and spelling errors. Points will be deducted for any errors. Part 2: “Oh The Hats You Will Wear” As an Early Childhood educator, you will wear many hats, many, many hats, other than “teacher”. Chapter 5 (p. 151-156) allows you to explore the “hats or roles” of a teacher. Choose 3 of the roles of a teacher and describe them in your own words.

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