Marketing plan module 6



I. Executive Summary
This plan will summarize the launch of a new service that would cater to children

2-12 as well as their caregivers in the Newnan, GA area. Currently, there is not a

sufficient supply of quality entertainment for children. We want to provide a modern

space that supports independent and group play amongst children, avoiding the use of

technology and encouraging the use of imagination. Caregivers would be able to remain

on premises, but trust the care of their children to our staff. They could then utilize their

free time as they wish, all while being able to view their children through a glass wall.

We feel that our current business, a coworking space, has provided us with good

knowledge of the market. Connections formed through this business as well as our

background in education, will enable us to create this service better than someone just

entering the market. Current competition does exist, but serves a different segment of the

market. Their service is a lower cost and quality. We will be able to bring value to the

market through this service, benefiting our customers in ways that other businesses

aren’t. It will be a one-stop shop for children’s entertainment, providing both a play space

and a learning space. With a price of $15 per visit and discounts for monthly and yearly

memberships, we can meet the needs of our customers in a flexible way. To ensure that

the launch of the service goes well, we want to do both a soft and hard launch. The soft

launch will allow us to refine the service prior to launching to the open public. With these

efforts, we expect to reach a net income of $46,700 in our first year.

II. The Business Challenge
The challenge we see in the market is that there is not a sufficient supply of

quality entertainment for children 12 and under. Creating a space that entertains and

challenges children, both physically and mentally is our goal. This new service would

cater to children ages 2-12, as well as their caregivers. We want to create a modern, well-

equipped, flexible space that allows children to independently explore and learn,

unplugged. Children would have access to an indoor obstacle course, playground, books,

music, educational toys and classes. Their caregivers would have access to a soundproof,

glass-walled room from which to view their children, but to also have some “me time” to

relax, catch up on work, or meet other caregivers. They would not have to commit to a set

amount of days or hours spent with us. We want this to be a place that is accessible and

flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We plan to collaborate with

playground and décor design companies to make the most of our space, utilizing square

footage in the best way possible.

III. The Market

a. Customers:
Children – ages 2-12, living within a 15-mile radius of zip code 30265,

seeking entertainment of various types in one location

Adults – any age; living within a 15-mile radius of zip code 30265;

caregivers of children; disposable income to spend on entertainment; seeking high

quality entertainment for their children, seeking an “unplugged” lifestyle, a

flexible schedule, some “me” time while knowing their children are being taken

care of.

b. Company analysis:

• Existing coworking business in this market

• Educational background

• Prior experience developing work space that will transfer to
development of play/learning space


• Leadership to focus on two businesses

• No prior experience developing children’s programming

c. Collaborators:
Space Design – We will partner with Landscape Structures to design a

one-of-a-kind indoor play space that encourages age appropriate development for

2-5 year olds and 6-12 year olds. We will research and interview a variety of

design companies to assist in the modern décor design of our learning space to

ensure correct ergonomics and aesthetics for the children.

Program Design – We will hire consultants who specialize in Elementary

Education and Physical Education to help us design our programming.

Distribution/Marketing/Selling – This will all be handled internally by our

part-time and full-time staff of about 10 people.

d. Competitors:
Children Connect

This would be considered our most direct competitor due to the variety of

programs they offer. Children Connect’s mission is to engage children and

families in the joyful discovery of connecting to the world around them through

meaningful play. We have similar missions and values, but our service will be a

higher quality service. This business is very small, requires adult supervision for

most daily activities, and has limited programming. They do have future plans to

expand; however, the type of programming they provide is different than ours will

be. While they may react to our launch by expanding their programming quicker

than planned, we do not foresee any issues with this on our end. Our consumers

may overlap somewhat, but our quality and angle we’re taking will differ enough

to each attract our own segment of the market. We do not want to hurt their

business, but simply offer a new level of entertainment attracting a different

segment of the market (childrenconnect, 2019).

e. Business Climate:

• Utilize current coworking customers to gain customers and spread
information about our new service through grassroots marketing


• Offer an indoor play space for hot summer months and cold winter

• Provide a flexible offering that allows customers to not have to
commit to a monthly or yearly fee, increasing our potential market.

• Create a place that people come to in order to unplug, committing to a
movement that encourages children to be imaginative and social

without the use of technology.


• Businesses in the surrounding area, who currently focus on only one
form of entertainment or education, expanding their offerings.

• Parents being tentative about their children adjusting to an
“unplugged” environment.

• Issues with programs that we develop or injuries during play.

IV. The Strategy
a. The Strategy:

We wanted to serve an underserved area of the market we are currently in.

Children do not have enough quality entertainment in our market, but this new

service will address this issue. The strategy of creating a new product for an

existing market we’re already serving is called Product Development. We feel

that the knowledge we already have about this market will help us create this new

service in a way that other businesses just entering the market would not be able

to. While there are other markets surrounding us that could also use this service,

we want to focus on our current market to introduce and perfect the business

model before we would consider market development later on down the road.

Diversification would be too risky for the level of investment required for this

type of service. We know our current market and feel comfortable with the level

of commitment and investment required of this service due to our experience in

this market.

The value this service will bring to the market is that it will be a one-stop

shop for children’s entertainment, providing both a play space and a learning

space. Children will be able to play in a unique environment without technology,

increasing their social skills and confidence in their abilities. Exposure to new

subjects will add to their experience as a child, possibly fostering a love for a new

subject and aiding in their career choices as an adult. Adults can relax knowing

their children are being cared for and challenged while they take some time for

themselves or connect with others.

b. The offering:

• Indoor play space catering to ages 2-5 and 6-12. There will be two
custom play spaces designed for each age bracket in mind. The 2-5 age

group will have a variety of small obstacle course type structures and

other structures fit for their age with plenty of space for imaginary play

and reading. The 6-12 age group will have a large multipurpose play

structure with typical playground activities, obstacle course structures,

books, and simple toys. We want the activities to be ones they can’t

find at a typical playground, but also somewhat familiar. The design

will be modern and simple. Creating these custom structures will allow

us to have a mesh of the two, familiar but challenging. We want to

encourage group play and have activities that keep the children’s

attention, time after time. A child will tire of any toy, but if group play

and imagination is at the center, the activity will be new each time!

Instructors will be charged with keeping the spaces safe as well as

suggesting group play activities throughout the day. Cleanliness is a

top priority, which is a secondary reason we are going to have simple

structures and toys, ones that are quick and easy to clean.

• Classes that cover a variety of subjects like art, music and theater,
which some children are not getting enough exposure to in school, as

well as some unique skills to teach children such as Imagineering and

problem solving. Classes will be offered for ages 2-5, 6-9, and 10-12.

Class subjects will be on a weekly rotation.

• Caretaker space with one-way window for viewing of children and
soundproofing (caretakers would need to remain on premises). Space

will include comfortable seating, outlets for computer and phone

charging, a few workstations, and complementary bottled water. Once

a week, we will host a caretaker session in this room to foster

community and support. The topics during these sessions will range

from motivation, budgeting, self-care, and free discussion.


• Children are able to play in a unique environment without technology,
exercising their bodies and minds. This will increase their social skills

and confidence in their abilities.

• Children can learn about subjects and skills not offered at all or as
extensively as other subjects in their schools. This exposure will add to

their experience as a child, possibly fostering a love for a new subject

and aiding in their career choices as an adult.

• Adults can relax knowing their children are being cared for and
challenged while they take some time for themselves or connect with



• $15 per visit – Covers all day play and classes. Slightly higher than
competition due to higher quality and programming, while still

maintaining an affordable price for children’s entertainment.

• $100 monthly membership – Covers all day play and classes,
unlimited days within a month. $20 discount based on average of

visiting 2 times per week.

• $1100 yearly membership – Covers all day play and classes, unlimited
days within 1 year of sign-up. $460 discount based on average of

visiting 2 times per week.

c. The communication plan:
Launch – We will host a soft launch and hard launch. The soft launch will

be invite only. It will be utilized to gather initial thoughts and make improvements

prior to the hard launch to the open public. We will extend invites to local

influencers, educators, leaders, and entrepreneurs who have experience working

with caregivers and children. We will do so through leads from our existing

networks as well as social media. We will reward their attendance with a free 3-

month membership card, so that if they like it, they can return with their children

and continue the experience, encouraging them to share what they like about the

service via their channels of influence. The soft launch will also prepare us by

helping us to refining our target market and ensure we are ready for a specified

launch date. The hard launch will be a widely-marketed, week-long launch. We

want it to be a week-long event because we want to present each of our programs

as a part of this launch, not just a few on a single launch day. We will market this

grand opening calendar for at least 1 month, inviting people via social channels,

influencers, schools, and key partners that we build throughout the creation of this

service. We will post grand opening materials in our windows and hand out invite

cards the week leading up to the grand opening. The grand opening calendar will

be a sampling of all programs we’ll offer on a monthly basis. Programs offered

this week will be a sampling and, therefore, shorter, to allow for more people to

be able to preview more of our service during this week. Regular fees will apply.

Ongoing – Our primary methods of communication moving forward will

be social media and our website. We know that remaining top-of-mind to our

consumers is key and having an active, relevant social media presence is crucial

in this effort. We will plan a monthly social media calendar 2 months ahead of the

prior month to ensure our communications are consistent, yet vary in content. We

will host giveaways to free visits and classes through social media. Ensuring that

our website is user-friendly and offers the information our consumers are looking

for is vital. It will be simple and always up-to-date in hopes of cutting down on

unnecessary communications and misunderstandings. We will offer live chat on

the website to ensure ease of communications. Customers will be able to sign up

for our monthly newsletter via our website, which will include the current

month’s calendar as well as any news, including improvements or changes to our


d. Distribution:
We will have only one location in Newnan, GA. Customers will be able to

come in anytime to play and learn in our open spaces. They can reserve spots in

classes ahead of time or walk-in if there is still an open spot.

V. Budget
a. Investment:

Launch Costs

Renovation of Space (structural and paint) $30,000

Furniture $1,500

Play Space Equipment and Supplies $15,000

Class Space Equipment and Supplies $7,500

Caretaker Space Equipment and Supplies $500

Office Space Equipment and Supplies $1,500

Marketing $25,000

TOTAL $81,000

Ongoing Costs

Cleaning $3,500/year

Lease $60,000/year

Maintenance $500/year

Utilities $6,000/year

Marketing $10,000/year

Part-time Employee Pay $62,400/year

Full-time Employee Pay $62,400/year

Play, Class, Caretaker,

and Office Space Supplies $5,000/year

TOTAL $209,800

b. Return:
Short-term Sales

$337,500 Year 1 (average of 50 children per day 9 months/year

and 150 per day 3 months/year; 25 days per month)

Short-term Costs

$290,800 Year 1

Short-term Net Income

$46,700 Year 1

Long-term Financial Goals

Increase average children per day by 50% within 3 years.

c. Other resources required
$5,000 to fund a focus group to gather information from local influencers,

parents, caregivers, educators, leaders, etc.

VI. Conclusion
Thank you for taking the time to read our marketing plan. Our community has a

need for higher-quality child entertainment, and we believe that we have created a great

solution, one that we serve both the children as well as their caregivers. We hope you will

support our goals and help us meet them through monetary investment in this service.

Please reach out with any questions.


childrenconnect. (2019). childrenconnect. [online] Available


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