Microsoft Access intro worksheet


MIS 140
Problem Set 2

Microsoft Access: Employee database – Creating Database Tables, Queries and Reports

In Appendix_ Access power-point slide in D2L, there are four tables, such as Employee, Job,

Department, and Job Assignment. Make the same four tables with the same data using MS
Access program. You need to include your personal data in the table, i.e., your last four digits of
social security number and your last name as a sixth data in the Employee table. Your department
is “Commercial” and your job is “Acct”. You are working “8” hours in a “Job Assignment” column.

Click “Queries” menu in Access and click “Create Queries in Design view”. Use all of four tables in the
query and show the following four fields in the query;
Department Name, Employee Name, Job Assignment Hours, and Job Name.

Make criteria, which is more than 4 (>4) in Job Assignment Hours column. And run this query and
save it as a query table.

Click “Create” and “Report by Wizard”. Use all of four fields in a query table to make a Report with
Department Name, Employee Name, Job Assignment Hours, and Job Name information, who has
more than 4 hours of job assignment including your personal data (8 hours). Upload completed
Access file or screen shot file of Report (with your last name as an employee name in the Report)
to Submission menu in D2L.

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