Peers Introduction 3

Look for peers with similar degree programs, career interests, and/or locations. Be sure to discuss with them any shared challenges in searching for information or similar experiences using information.


My name is Monica I am 34 years old I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I am a single mother to a seven year old daughter whom  I adore I enjoy spending time with family and friends also love to travel the world.

I currently attend Arizona Global Campus I am pursing a Bachelor’s degree in human services. My goal is to  become a social worker after I obtain my degree. My current job now is a unit clerk at local hospital in Atlanta. I enjoyed helping others has a social worker I want to provide support for patients and their families.

I use the internet daily to search online I pay all my bills online I also read the daily news online and check my emails. My preferred methods to using the internet is my laptop or cellphone. I think the internet can be beneficial to a certain degree. But the internet can also have a negative side its just depends on your used for the internet.

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