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Jaden Thomas

Week 2 – Assignment

BUS330 BUS330: Principles of Marketing (DCJ2126B)

Tracy Foote
7/10/2021 11:26:50 PM

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Well done and a smart assessment about what you see needing to be done Jaden. I love the marketing idea and as you can see from this paper, there are many elements
to consider when revamping your product or service, even if you are an existing organization with a long track record. Great work on evaluating some of the components and please work on APA formatting, core products, branding and getting to market, and using
more citations.

( 0.66 / 0.75) Describes the Selected Company, Brand, and a Brief History

Proficient – Describes the selected company, brand, and a brief history. Minor details are missing.

( 0.44 / 0.50) Lists the Core Products and Services the Company Offers

Proficient – Lists the core products and services the company offers. Minor details are slightly unclear or inaccurate.

( 0.75 / 0.75) Identifies the Key Current Competitors

Distinguished – Clearly and accurately identifies the key current competitors.

( 1.50 / 1.50) Completes a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

Distinguished – Completes a comprehensive and accurate SWOT analysis.

( 1.33 / 1.75) Proposes the Product or Service Line for Development of a Marketing Plan and Justifies the Proposal With a SWOT-Based Argument for Why It Warrants Marketing Investment

Basic – Proposes a limited product or service line for development of a marketing plan and minimally justifies the proposal with a SWOT-based argument for why it warrants marketing investment. Relevant details are missing.

( 0.00 / 0.75) Describes the Core Product, Extended Product, and the Product Concept

Non-Performance – The description of the core product, extended product, and the product concept is either nonexistent or lacks the components described in the assignment instructions.

( 0.00 / 1.00) Explains the Plan to Achieve Competitive Differentiation Through Creating Customer Value in the Four Areas: Branding, Packaging, Support, and Quality

Non-Performance – The explanation of the plan to achieve competitive differentiation through creating customer value in the four areas: Branding, Packaging, Support, and Quality is either nonexistent or lacks the components described in the assignment instructions.

( 0.22 / 0.25) Written Communication: Control of Syntax and Mechanics

Proficient – Displays comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Written work contains only a few minor errors and is mostly easy to understand.

( 0.19 / 0.25) Written Communication: APA Formatting

Basic – Exhibits limited knowledge of APA formatting throughout the paper. However, layout does not meet all APA requirements.

( 0.22 / 0.25) Written Communication: Resource Requirement

Proficient – Uses the required number of scholarly sources to support ideas. All sources on the reference page are used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.

( 0.25 / 0.25) Written Communication: Page Requirement

Distinguished – The length of the paper is equivalent to the required number of correctly formatted pages.

Overall Score: 5.56 / 8.00

Overall Grade: 5.56

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