Read this thread and reply with minimum 250-300 words Visual Analysis The article began with the title Lets fight for animals together to protect animals- and the introduction draws the readers

Read this thread and reply with minimum 250-300 words

Visual Analysis

The article began with the title “Let’s fight for animals together” to protect animals, and the introduction draws the readers attention by calling the audience “Supporters.” It also calls for our help to draw more attention to this article by comparing the audience to the main characters. It motivates readers to act immediately by creating a donation button at the top of the homepage, and a picture of a man hugging a dog also suggests a direction for us to move forward. For those who are not familiar with what many animals usually suffer from, the visual elements used in this article greatly help to awaken their consciousness. Therefore, the best way to write is to add visual elements to the attention of readers. Animals have the same life as humans, and this article, which aims to respect precious people and fight for indiscreetly used animals, adds visual elements to help them read. The visual elements in the middle of the homepage help us understand this text and focus. Painful experiments, abandonment, and breeding are very involved in representing the various things that animals are going through with their faces, allowing audiences to sympathize with their pain and making them want to help. The visual way of showing animals’ faces allows readers to feel great sympathy for them, which in turn will greatly help the audience practice actions that can protect them. Pressing the face icon each explains what we have to do to protect them, which stimulates curiosity because each category has different actions to act. However, it would be better to attract more attention from readers if various information were added to each icon, such as the reality of these events, the year of occurrence, and the frequency of occurrence.

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