(You need to be careful with this work, plz read the instructions, if you cannot help Let me know in advance as soon as possible.) The main things need to be changed are the Research questions, based on that you have to delete un related information from the literature and methodology and add new sources based on what you add. _____________________________________________________________________________________ the measures should be used on the proposal English reading comprehension Arabic reading comprehension fluency English writing task English pragmatic awareness assessment Arabic pragmatic awareness assessment English inference making English second language vocabulary And maybe Non-verbal ability: Ravens advanced matrices? in this paper, especially in the research questions part, we need to focus on these gaps: 1- Arabic comprehension measures and English comprehension (pragmatics) 2- English writing 3- Questionnaire 4- Pragmatics measures (hardest part). Will go through each one. The main measure should be on reading and writing in English. Some of these measures can be in Arabic (we can translate it into English) , the reason for that is to make sure that the student might not have much Arabic in their background, then we cannot say this is a student from Arabic background, even if they said they have been born in Saudi Arabia. -__________________________________________________________________________ For the writing production (this is should be the second question on the proposal) Reform the current question, the main goal to measure pragmatics on second language learners. Procedures: giving them 45 min to write something and the difficulties not with the task but is is with the marking. Question example (write about the favorite time that you enjoyed the most)? Write two pages in 45 min, you can use this question, and we should use IELTS Writing Mark Schemes, will upload it in the attachments. This need to be done with the participants (face to face) otherwise students will do it nicely or they copy past the answer from the internet, then I will not have occurrent answers. Another idea they can do it on computer without writing their names. Please in this question, change the question itself, use some resources in the literature to support that Pragmatics does influence Arabic learners. Also, argue for a confidentiality in the ethics part, as I cannot give anonymity. Now this is all about English Writing (Second gap) For the Arabic comprehension measures and English comprehension (pragmatics) gap: This should be the first question on the proposal. The current question it is broad or general, so we need to find out how pragmatics or if the pragmatics affected reading comprehension on second language learners (Arab). Procedures: by ticking boxes or choose or answer the questions. Reading measure for adult, reading fluently measures, students must understand the question and they should complete it with reasonable language skills. will ATTACH SOME FIELS, GOONA HELP US TO SUE THEM TO CHOOSE THE QUESTION WITH EXPLANATION. In the task students should have easy question to difficult question. Here we need to find out how pragmatics affected the students. Regarding to the participants, students must use a pen to answer them in 40 or 45 min, or computer or type it to something I can access to. Again, review the ethics part and literature and methodology, make sure everything writer are related to the question. __________________________________________________________________________________ The current fourth question about Subjectivity influence (Delete this question) change to background experience of learning English rather than talk about subjectivity. Here we can use the questionnaire, should contain about several question about the students background of learning English. For example: what level of English do they have in IELTS? If not any other exam? What was it? Or their results? How they been taught English? Do they learn it in the school? In the foundation year? Location in their country? Big city or small city? You can add more question ( essay question to check their background) ( individuals answers from different countries, countries stated in the participants part. _________________________________________________________________________ The third question (which is the hardest one, should be about pragmatics test in English and pragmatics test in Arabic. Too many measures are there Probably we can find something in English then translate into Arabic Anything looks like might be a measure of pragmatics The current question is not really what we need to find, plz re writer the question to fit with the measurement. This part regarding the attachments The first WORD file attached is an example of a measure of pragmatics this is followed by a set of papers on the MDCT, which were sent to me by my friend, he is in Iran been working on the WORD measures and have collected the data from about 80 people, which they are analyzing now, to calculate test reliability, etc. You will likely need to develop these further to make relevant English and Arabic measures but hopefully this gives an idea. The second WORD file is an example of an inference making task again a draft to use to think about how to measure this skill and something we can work on. Again, we need to use this as a draft example and maybe think about revising for this study. The third WORD file is an example of a reading measure this is mainly for English first language students, so we may want to consider only using three or four passages. It also has an example of a writing task but again, you may want to consider alternatives, if you do include writing: for example, a more usual way to test writing is to ask the student to write for a period of time on a specific topic (such as Your favourite day) and such free-writing tasks may be more appropriate for the study of pragmatics though you may need a title that fits with this: for example, write about A meeting with a person from another country. I am not sure if you would want the writing measure to be only in English OR only in Arabic? Again, something that we need to discuss once the research questions are determined. The fourth WORD file is a reading measure in Arabic. Note it is more fluency than accuracy given that it is the first language, but may be worth considering as we have used this with adult students in Arabia before. The vocabulary measure (the PDF files with items and explanations) is more standard and might be worth considering as is, or as a shorter version taking the ideas from the measure into account. It was designed with second language users in mind and the Nation measures are used fairly widely not just in NZ.

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