The Unit 5 Journal is based on the readings from Women and Religion and the videos on womens ordination. (Do not use THINK World Religions.) In your text Women and Religious Traditions- read: Chap

The Unit 5 Journal is based on the readings from Women and Religion and the videos on women’s ordination. (Do not use THINK! World Religions.)  In your text Women and Religious Traditions, read:

  • Chapter 6: “Women in Christianity”

Watch the videos on Women’s Ordination:

  • Roy Bourgeois, “A Life Lived from Conscience”- Part 1 ; Part 2
  • “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican”
  • “Women in Catholicism”

These are the four required elements for your journal:

  1. Give at least one quote from the readings (cite author and page number) – if there are multiple sources for readings it is fine to choose a quote from each.
  2. Ask a question of clarification or analysis.
  3. Write a substantial 2 paragraph (meaning at least 7-10 sentences per paragraph as a minimum) response that engages with the ideas and examples, including giving your own supported perspective.

Include a works cited list.The journal should NOT be a summary of the texts but a thoughtful consideration of some ideas that emerged from the readings.

Guidelines: Double-space your submission and attach it as a Word doc. (Do not submit a PDF.) Format it overall so it complies with MLA or APA.

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