Video attached below The Chapter 16 Video Case of Tyler- located in Readings and Resources- features strategies for using augmentative communication in the classroom. Various strategies are di

Video attached below

The “Chapter 16 Video Case of Tyler”, located in Readings and Resources, features strategies for using augmentative communication in the classroom.  Various strategies are discussed and demonstrated by the teacher and speech therapist.  While you watch the video, pay close attention to all the ways language use is encouraged.

  • Make a list of the various strategies, both demonstrated and discussed, for the facilitation of language.
  • Discuss some examples of how peer to peer communication is fostered.
  • Describe one (1) additional communication strategy you would use to expand the use of language for a young child.
  • Compare how these communication strategies can be used with a child who is an English Language Learner or a child with a hearing impairment.
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