why college should be free for everyone

3 main reasons why college should be free for everyone.Intro with clear thesis statement, claims.Paragraph 1: reason 1Paragraph 2: reason 2Paragraph 3: reason 3Paragraph 4: Counterargument ( You need to come up with the counterargument, depending on how complex the counterargument is, it could be 1 counterargument or 2 )Paragraph 5: Refutation paragraph, which means you refuse/reject the counterargument in paragraph 5.Paragraph 6: ConclusionPlease Note:- CAN Not be Bias- Has to be objective, logical and position argument style.- Can’t use Logical Fallacies such as Hasty generalization, Non Sequitur, Ad Hominem, Faulty Use of Authority, Ad Populum, and Straw Man.- Needs to have at least 2 scholarly sources and 1 valid source.- Remember to use quotation marks, and cite the source if you used someone’s words, please.

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