Write a term paper on a topic within Distributed Computing. Write a 8-10 page research paper (excluding cover page- bibliography- appendices) on a topic within Distributed Computing- chosen in consult

Write a term paper on a topic within Distributed Computing.

Write a 8-10 page research paper (excluding cover page, bibliography, appendices) on a topic within Distributed Computing, chosen in consultation with the instructor. Your paper must reference at least three recent reputable academic sources of information: this could include specialized books (not general textbooks) or scholarly articles (not popular publications or blog posts). Additional reputable sources are allowed and recommended.

Your content should include a discussion of existing work in your chosen topic. It should also include some of your own thoughts, in the form of argument, evaluation, analysis, comparison, synthesis, or some other, depending on the topic. This component should be well-reasoned and thoroughly justified. Make sure you discuss your topic with the instructor first, and you have some idea what form your own contribution will take.

Your paper should include a title page and bibliography (not included in the page count). It should be a normal font size (12pt max), with normal margins and 1.5 line spacing. Extensive whitespace, block quotes, large images, tables, or other non-text data do not contribute to the page count. It must be clearly written, readable, neatly formatted, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Your sources need to be referenced in-text and cited in a bibliography at the end of your paper. Use a consistent reference and citation format; if you are not already familiar with a standard format, consider learning and using the Harvard style.


  • A deep dive on a specific blockchain implementation (Bitcoin, Litecoin), or a comparison paper of two different blockchain implementations.
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